Know your place Lorde….

Fear Factor makes a return with a new host and SNL this weekend will be broadcasting live across all time zones!

Lorde had to find a new New York studio to work in earlier this year after rockers U2 inadvertently kicked her out of the venue she had been using. Lorde has been in New York writing and recording her new album Melodrama and became a frequent visitor at a studio in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.  However, her plans were disrupted on one recent occasion after discovering Bono and his bandmates had booked out the place for themselves.  This happened the same day Lorde was scheduled to do an interview with The New York Times…. Lorde had to quickly find a new studio and ended up being late for her interview…


Fear Factor is back with an all new Host!

MTV announced today that everyone’s favourite bug eating show is coming back! The network is re-launching Fear Factor and Ludacris will be the host!  MTV wants to tap into Generation Z and will be performing more stunts based around visceral fears.  The newly designed stunts are geared at tapping into visceral fears of today’s anxious youth — such as couch surfing at 300 feet and waterlogging personal cellphones.” So if you can’t go without your phone for an hour, don’t sign up for the new Fear Factor.


SNL is back live this weekend with host Jimmy Fallon and Musical guest Harry Styles…

Jimmy Fallon has been teasing his comeback all week on social media. This will be the very first time “Saturday Night Live” will actually air “live from New York” across all time zones.  It doesn’t matter as much to us. Harry Styles is the musical guest, and he wil sing his new one. Plus expected to sing another brand new track. As for other special guests (Justin Timberlake!? Melissa McCarthy? Adam Sandler?!)

Charlie Murphy, the older brother of Eddie Murphy has died

He was a comic performer in his own right who turned encounters with Rick James and Prince into standout sketches on “Chappelle’s Show,” has died. He was 57. Murphy died Wednesday in New York of leukemia…He was perhaps best-known for his appearances on Dave Chappelle’s Comedy Central show. In the recurring segment “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories.”