KOOL KID Summer Reading Club Book List

These are the books chosen by our winners!

This summer, we’re teaming up with the Barrie Public Library for the KOOL KID Summer Reading Club Contest. CLICK HERE to go to the entry page.

Here are the winners and their book choices!

Grace, 8 years old

Book Choice: Wonder

I got this book because I get picked on for the colour I am and because of my hair and it hurts me because they say I am different. So this book has to do with a boy getting picked on because he’s different and looks different and he has to deal with bullies just like me


Sierra, 11 years old

Book Choice: Upside-Down Magic: Sticks and Stones

I chose to read this book because I am a very picky reader and don’t like to try new books but.. I like books of magic!!! So I chose Upside-Down MAGIC: Sticks and Stones. Basically in this book its about kids with upside down magic. They were different, and other kids with normal magic didn’t accept that because they think they are “dangerous”. They had unusual magic. In this book Bax (who has upside-down magic) causes himself to turn to a big rock at any given moment and can’t keep control of his human brain. But, unexpectedly, he started to turn other things to rock too! like the bleachers of a kitten-ball game and students school supplies in their lockers!! Other people were getting mad so…Lacey (non upside-down magic) started a petition to get rid of the upside-down magic students. After a while she finally got 50 signatures and could bring it to the principal. But, in the end the principle doesn’t remove the different students. Instead he tells all of Dunwiddle he talked to them about how to respect people about who they are and everybody is different and its OK to be different then others!!! The lesson taught in this book is to respect people for who they are and to respect other peoples differences. This was a great book and I encourage you to read it and the rest of the series too!!!


Layla, 11 years old

Book Choice: Pony Pals: Too Many Ponies

I am reading the whole Pony Pal book series by Jeanne Betancourt this summer. Right now I am starting the 6th book called Too Many Ponies. I read a chapter every night. I really like this series because I love horses and wish that I owned one. In this book, Pam has a new job and is not able to spend as much time with her pony and friends as she use to. Her horse, Lightning, doesn’t understand why she is not around as much any more. I will have to finish the book to find out if she keeps her job.


Peyton, 12 years old

Book Choice: Love, Life and the List

I’m reading Love, Life and the List because I can relate to it in the sense that the main character is an artist, it’s a great story about friendship and I love the happy ending. It is about a teenager over summer who tries to create depth to make her paintings better and she makes friends along the way. It teaches you to stop and sniff the flowers and you can meet some great people when you go slower.



Aubree, 9 years old

Book Choice: Camping with Unicorns – Another Phoebe and Her Unicorn Adventure

I loved the book because I love unicorns and I’ve read some of the other Phoebe and her Unicorn books. They are really great and they are also really funny. This one is about Phoebe and her unicorn Marigold and they have a really good friendship. This book is a bunch of little different parts of a story all in one book. It’s a graphic novel. I think a lot of people who love unicorns will love this book. I read it one day because it’s so great.


Marcus, 10 years old

Book Choice: A Shocker on Shock Street

I choose this book because it has been one of my favourite R.L. Stine books so far. The chapters always has cliff hangers, so I wanted to read more. I also loved the ending. It was one that neither my dad or myself could guess. We are usually really good at guessing the endings with about 10 chapters left.

Kiira, 6 years old

Book Choice: Bushfire! Bindi Wildlife Adventures

It’s about Bindi, and her friends Rosie and Richard and they have to help out at the African wildlife hospital with sick and injured animals. They got hurt from the bushfire. They help with the volunteers and nurses, and vets.
I chose this book because I like Bindi (the Crocodile Hunter’s daughter), and I got 4 of her books from Value Village.


Reeva, 9 years old

Book Choice: The Last Firehawk: The Ember Stone

This book is about a Owl name Tag and he is trying to save the land of Perodia. He and his friends have to find the ember stone as it is the only thing that will stop the shadow. They find only one piece of the ember stone on Fire Island. This is book number one and their are four books to read so I better get reading the rest to know how it ends. I like these books because they have animals and they are exciting.

I would love to give a shout out to Mrs.Bamford from Cundles Heights Public School as she is the best librarian in the world . She is always helping me find books that I would love and she even gives me some extra time to read them.


Isla, 10 years old

Book Choice: Treasure Island

I was gifted a very old copy of Treasure Island. The book was originally published in 1882 and the copy that I have was printed in 1934. So far I have read 4 chapters of the book. In the first 4 chapters of the book we meet a little boy named Jim Hawkins. He is the main character of the book. After his father dies and pirates trash his home he sets off on an adventure. What I like about this book is that it is an adventure story and the main character is about my age.


Cooper, 8 years old

Book Choice: Max: Best Friend, Hero, Marine written by Jennifer Li Shotz. Based on a screenplay by Boaz Yakin and Sheldon Lettich

I chose to read the book Max because I watched the movie and it was amazing! I wondered if the book had more detail and excitement then the movie. I also like reading and learning about dogs. That is why I chose to read the book Max.
Max is a story about a dog named Max who loses his handler Kyle in the war. Max is sent to live with Kyle’s family because he can’t continue to work as a war dog because he can’t handle gun shots or other people since Kyle died beside him. Kyles brother Justin was the only one who Max liked. Justin and Max became best friends.

Max taught me about war dogs and the bond they have with their handlers. War dogs have extremely dangerous and hard jobs, THEY ARE HEROS! This is my first big book with 253 pages, and I did it!