Kool Kribs: Drake’s New Mansion in “The 6ix”

21,000 Sq Ft Mansion in Bridal Path Includes "Jersey Museum"

Despite some zoning and permit issues, Drake’s new Bridle Path mansion is well underway. It’s 21,000 square feet will include some interesting features, from an NBA-worthy basketball court to a… Jersey Museum???

Responsible for the project is Ferris Rafauli, who also designed Drake’s Sher Club in the ACC. Drake’s mega-mansion “Wish List” includes:

  • “Spa and tub retreat” complete with two saunas and a designated massage room
  • An Olympic-sized pool with an XL hot tub overlooking a massive TV with bars (…on both sides!)
  • Multiple rooms for “important artifacts,” a library and an awards room
  • A piano room, a music room and screening lounge
  • And last but not least… A massive tax bill that came to to $27,856 in 2015!