Krispy Kreme is Offering Pumpkin Spice Protection

Insurance from pumpkin spice letdown

Since almost everything comes in pumpkin spice flavour these days, (Spam anyone?)

Krispy Kreme US locations have an insurable offer most wouldn’t refuse.

Krispy Kreme has released the ultimate combination, cheesecake AND pumpkin spice filling?? How could anyone turn that down? Obviously you can’t turn that down which makes their new pumpkin spice protection offer irresistible.

Krispy Kreme is ensuring (and insuring) that this season, pumpkin spice fans have the delicious product experience they’ve been craving. With so many pumpkin spice products hitting the scene – from hummus to doggie treats – some have gone too far. Have you encountered a disappointing Pumpkin Spice product?  For one week only, you can bring any pumpkin spice letdown to a Krispy Kreme shop near you and trade it for one of our delicious doughnut versions for FREE