Lady Gaga Reveals She Quit Smoking ‘Cold Turkey’ After Inhaling 2 Packs a Day

It appears that we are seeing a new Lady Gaga….

Gaga has revealed she is no longer a smoker after her cigarette addiction had her inhaling two packs a day.

“I’m not smoking anymore, but I’d smoke 40 cigarettes all day long,” she said during an interview on “New Music Daily with Zane Lowe.” “I swear on my life I’m not smoking cigarettes.”

If you saw her documentary- you would have seen her inhaling on the regular.  Lady Gaga is using this opportunity not to tell people who smoke to quit but rather those who aren’t- to never start.

Lady Gaga describes the process of quitting smoking cold turkey brutal.

“I completely quit — I quit cold turkey. But it was so hard. If you don’t smoke, don’t smoke!,” she added. “Because quitting is worse. It is so brutal.”

More good news for gaga fans as she just dropped her new single “Stupid Love” last Friday.

Lady Gaga seems to be back and better than ever, as she also appears head over heels in love with Michael Polansky.

Gaga has yet to announce the title or release date for her upcoming sixth studio album.