Lasagna Salad?

Looks yummy!

Low carb Lasagna Made with Lettuce!

It’s basically carb-free.  So if you know an adult that is on Keto or perhaps you have a picky kid that won’t eat meat- this may be the answer to your problems!

It’s seven layers of veggies with the base being iceberg lettuce than layered with sliced onion and slivers of red tomatoes..

This creation was made by a guy named Dick Chmeller who wanted to impress his wife, Melanie who is a vegetarian. 

Chmeller was so proud of himself, he posted this Lettuce lasagna to Reddit where the photo caused an uproar by users.  One calling his creation an insult to Italians!  On the flip side, many users were excited about the veggie dish!  There were also users adding suggestions like adding Bacon to the layers for protein!