LCBO Workers Could Strike Just Before Canada Day Long Weekend

Union "Overwhelmingly" Voted In Favour Of A Strike

A liquor run might be in your immediate future, Ontario. LCBO workers have moved closer to a possible strike.

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union “overwhelmingly” voted in favour of a strike mandate, and applied for a “no board”. OPSEU represents all 7,500 LCBO workers.

If an agreement can’t be made within 17 days after a “no board” is filed, LCBO workers could stage a strike, walking out of stores before the Canada Day Long weekend.

The brunt of the issue is the difference in pay between full and part-time workers.

Though, it still isn’t time to raise the alarm, as the union still has over two weeks to come to an agreement. A strike has never happened in the LCBO’s 91 year history.