Leanne’s House Log

Day 33 of The House Hunt

Well it happened again.

We found a house, a townhouse this time, that was absolutely perfect. Far better than the house we previously had an offer on. Gorgeous finishes, only a few years old. The backyard was stunning, and the kitchen… well let’s just say I would end up gaining a lot of weight from all the baking I would have loved to do in that kitchen.

We put in an offer. Found out there multiple others. We went in with, what we thought, was a very strong offer. And we lost it. Someone significantly outbid us after we already offered over asking, and way more than the townhouse was worth.

We are heartbroken. I thought maybe this process would get easier the second time around if we lost it, but it seems like it’s gotten worse. It’s very difficult to imagine we’ll ever find a house. And we’ve grown tired of the same old “it takes time, patience, your house is out there,” etc.

Back to square one. Searching the listings, and weekends driving around looking at open houses.


P.S. Living in an RV is REALLY starting to look good.