Leanne’s House Log

Fifth Time's The Charm?

Day 63 of the House Hunt

I am beyond frustrated with this market.

I thought this whole ‘Buying Your First Home’ process was supposed to be fun and exciting, and really, all I’ve felt is disappointment, anxiety and stress.

We’ve now put four offers out there, all to be out bid by way more than each house is worth, or we loose the house just because we have the condition of a home inspection in our offer.

People keep saying, “your house will come”, “it wasn’t meant to be”, etc., but it’s getting to a point where I wonder if it truly ever will happen for us.

It’s so unfair for young couples trying to start out. These houses are so over priced already, and then to get into bidding wars with 10 other offers, it’s the norm for homes to go for $30,000 over asking. Not to mention, it’s a time when protecting yourself with a house inspection is such a black mark on your offer, that it will almost always automatically weaken your offer. This is just insanity! How are we ever supposed to get out into the ‘real world’?

They say, “patience is a virtue”, well I say my patience is wearing thin.


(Image Source- abovethelaw.com)