Leanne’s House Log

And The Saga Continues...

I owe you an apology.

Lately I feel like I’ve been off my game, and I want to share with you why I have been so distracted.

You know David and I have been trying so hard to find our perfect first home, and since my last update in July, we have been rejected twice.

We have had 6 offers on homes we loved and thought we could make our own, be rejected. But yesterday was the hardest rejection to swallow by far.

We kind of gave up on our original idea of what we wanted in a house and location, and decided that the smart thing to do for now, was buy a condo. We figure at least this way we can get into this crazy market, live there for a few years and then find an actual house.

We looked at a condo, fell completely in love, especially since it was actually bigger than some of the houses we’ve seen. It had been on the market for a while, and was way under our budget, completely affordable, great location and there were no offers. So naturally, we got really, really excited about it. We put in an offer just under asking, only to find out the seller’s agent was also going to be representing another buyer, so we feel like we were basically out of the running before we even got into it. We went back with another offer over asking, and of course, we still didn’t get it.

After a long, and wine and tear-filled night, I guess all I can say is; on to the next.

That really is all we can say at this point, right?


(Image Source- abovethelaw.com)