Leanne’s House Log

Day 24 of House Hunting

After finding a house, both David and I, AND our parents loved, we put in an offer only to be outbid by someone who offered way more money than the house was worth, and took out the ‘Home Inspection’ condition.

We spend weekends driving around neighbourhoods we like, going in and out of open houses, most of which are perfect but astronomically above our price range, or right in budget but not even close to being ideal.

Now, weeks later, we have endured another challenge, and I’m calling it, The Online-Dating Effect.

After seeing four houses online that we absolutely loved; the look was perfect, just our style, the location was spot on, and the price was right where we wanted, once we actually walked through the homes, they were nothing like their pictures. Obviously good photographers and maybe even Photoshop were used.

We are seriously considering just buying an RV instead. No bidding wars,  AND we can park it wherever we want.

That’s all for now. Back to the online searches and emotional roller coasters.