Lehman Releases Platform in Barrie’s Mayoral Race

The 46th mayor of Barrie isn't taking the mayoral race lightly

The only thing different this time around is the URL Jeff Lehman secured during his campaign for re-election as Mayor of Barrie. “It’s funny, I never secured my old domain, so if you go to votelehman.ca it actually takes you to the site of a City of London municipal candidate.”

Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman announces re-election platform

Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman announces re-election platform

That tweak is about the only thing different this time around. The 46th mayor of Barrie isn’t taking the mayoral race lightly. Like he first did back in 2010, Lehman says he will be out knocking on doors and responding to questions online.

Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman election sign

“I had to change my URL this time around because there’s another Lehman running in London.”

The two term Mayor launched his re-election campaign on Wednesday, promising to keep pushing for economic growth. Lehman went through some of his platform, talking about mixed-use housing in specific areas of the city and how important that is for creating “the right type of neighbourhoods” for the very different parts of the City. He used the mixed-use development on Essa as an example of what’s needed for those in need of attainable housing.

Lehman also talked about spreading the festivals and events to other parts of the city, “I love all the festivals on the waterfront, it is incredible all the festivals and events we have here in Barrie, but we have probably got to the point now where we may just have enough on the waterfront and we might even want to move some of those out to the other parts around the city.”

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Although Lehman took the 2014 election with over 90 percent of the vote, he doesn’t take a thing for granted. ” I need to earn the trust of voters for another four years, regardless of how strong the competition is. I want people to know what my plans are before the election.” Lehman is running against local business owner Ram Faerber.