Lend Me A Tenor

South Simcoe Theatre Opens 2018-2019 Season

Rehearsals have been underway since early September, and now the curtain is set to rise on the 2018-19 South Simcoe Theatre season.

The renowned Cookstown theatre group opens the season by staging a fun romp through the world of Opera with the Ken Ludwig production of Lend Me a Tenor.   The play, already a success on Broadway and having spawned a successful sequel was a unique challenge for the play’s director Richard Varty, and that challenge was “How do we as a cast do the play justice?”

Varty explains “The natural instinct was to lean into the zaniness of the situation but there is a clear difference between comedy and farce which is best explained by the famous Looney Tunes animator, Chuck Jones: “Comedy is unusual people in real situations; farce is real people in unusual situations”. Keeping that in mind, and relying on our local cast’s comedic chops, we have crafted a blisteringly fast-paced farce that pits big personalities against life or death situations. With young lovers, sultry sopranos, mistaken identities, and a few screams along the way, Lend Me A Tenor has been a very satisfying challenge. ” 

There’s lots of laughs in the season-opener as an Italian tenor agrees to perform for a small town opera company.  The employees and  patrons get thrown into a tizzy and plenty of hi-jinks ensue with a wife, mistress, mistaken identities, some beautiful music and plenty of slammed doors!

Lend Me a Tenor, runs Thursdays through Sundays November 8th to 25th!!  You can get tickets or more info by clicking here.

** Due to construction on the Old Town Hall in Cookstown, South Simcoe Theatre’s season opening production has been moved to Nov. 15th-25 with two additional matinee performances – Nov. 17 and Nov. 24 at 2pm.

For details check http://www.southsimcoetheatre.com/

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