Leo may get an Oscar for this movie!

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant opens this weekend ..…The Revenant “inspired” by the true story […]

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant opens this weekend ..…The Revenant “inspired” by the true story of historic American mountain man Hugh Glass. This could be Leo’s best performance to day and could also earn a best actor Oscar nomination…


The fellas might be taking a quick break from music but that won’t prevent them from making a quick visit to Quahog. Yup, One Direction meets Family Guy. All members will ‘appear’ in the episode in which Chris is running for homecoming king. However, only Liam and Louis have recorded any dialogue for the show. The episode is set to air sometime in May.


Pepsi confirms to Entertainment Tonight that Beyonce, will join the band on-stage during their performance at the Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show on Feb. 7. As ET previously reported, Bruno Mars is also expected to take the stage with Coldplay at some point during the show. The “Uptown Funk” singer previously headlined the Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show in 2014, while Beyonce ran the show in 2013.


Burger King wants Miss Columbia to wear their crown! Miss Colombia may have lost her crown, but companies pitching burgers and beers want to re-crown her and make her super famous and wealthy. Sources connected with the scorned Miss Universe contestant tell TMZ, a high-powered manager — who reps Sofia Vergara — is working on her behalf and is in talks with Burger King for a fantastic commercial. Miss Colombia would star in a kids’ meal spot where everyone keeps their crown. Now if the crown doesn’t fit, perhaps she can trade it for angle wings as Miss Columbia’s dream has always been to become a Victoria Secret Model…Sources say she was in talks with the company earlier this week…


Justin Timberlake’s label Universal Music Group is reportedly being sued over Timberlake and Jay’s 2013 hit song “Suit & Tie.” According to TMZ, two members of the ‘70s group Sly, Slick and Wicked have filed a lawsuit in which they claim that the track samples their 1973 song “Sho’ Nuff”–which was produced by James Brown.

While the band members confirm that Timberlake’s label paid to sample the song, they claim that they never obtained the rights to the vocal performances in the song. They also allege that they didn’t get paid when the label licensed “Suit & Tie” for a Bud Light commercial.