LG Releases A Battery Powered Face Mask Complete With Air Purifier

This could be handy for those who may have trouble breathing

LG’s new PuriCare mask is labeled as a wearable air purifier and uses batteries to power the two HEPA filters built-in.


The filter is said to clean 99.97% of the air. The Mask also features battery-powered dual fans which will last for about two hours on high at a full charge. 


These fans should adjust to your breathing to make things more comfortable – which might be handy for people who find themselves slightly short of breath when wearing standard coverings.

Plus, the case that comes with it will feature UV lights to clean the mask as it charges, and it’ll send your phone a notification when it needs a filter change.


‘With its Dual Fans … [the] wearable air purifier allows users to take in clean, filtered air,’ LG said in its press release.


LG hopes to release the masks to retail later this year.  LG first has to test the masks before they can make health claims.  No price point has been given either!