Liberals Table the “Cannabis Act”, Covers More Than Just Legalizing Pot

New Bill Will Tighten Laws On Impaired Driving

The feds are making good on their promise to legalize marijuana across the country, tabling the bill today to end marijuana prohibition. While many of the expected aspects of the bill were accurate, the liberals used this opportunity to tighten impaired driving laws nationwide.

Included in the bill is:

-Minimum legal age will be 18, with each province having freedom to raise that age as they see fit.

-Adults will be allowed to carry 30 grams of dried marijuana at a time.

-Allows for 4 marijuana plants per house hold.

-Strict zero tolerance policy on impaired driving.

-Serious penalties for providing cannabis to minors.

The Trudeau government is still aiming for July 1st 2018 to mark the end of marijuana prohibition. Whether that date will actually mark the transition is still to be seen.