Lies You Actually Believed As A Teenager!

Remember when you were 14 and knew everything?

Remember when you knew everything because you were a teenager!  Here are a few lies we all believed back then!

  • Age 13- “I can’t wait to stop getting zits one day”- only to learn they never quite go away…EVER!
  • $1000 is a lot of money (being a teenage with the thought of $1000-meant that you were rich)  Now $1000 disappears to bills, kids and groceries…
  • Everyone has their stuff together but you
  • I’ve very mature for my age
  • I’m pretty much an adult already
  • Hangovers aren’t that bad- says you at 21….But at 35 a hangover can feel like death…
  • Socks are the worst gift ever at 18- but at 30, you can’t wait to get a pair of fluffy socks…
  • I can’t wait to stay up late all the time….but as you get older, you realized how much sleep means to you.
  • Staying in on a Friday night is lame- Now, its a miracle if you make it to 9pm and off the couch!
  • Me and my high school friends are going to be besties forever!  Grown-ups know how your social circle changes and evolves…
  • I can’t wait to live in my own house by 30 and fill it with Ikea furniture that I will build myself!  – so young, so dumb
  • Once I fall in love, everything else will fall into place- as a teenager, you have no idea how many times you will screw up in life!