Like A MatchMaking Service, But For Dogs

Bark'N'Borrow Let's You Borrow Dogs to Hang Out With-- And Even Get Paid For It!

There are three types of people in this world…

1. People who don’t like dogs (… You can stop reading now!)

2. People who love dogs, but don’t/can’t have one

3. People who own dogs, who often have to scramble to find last-minute pet sitters

Good news for dog lovers and dog owners alike! There’s a newapp called Bark’N’Borrow which allows you find companions – or be a companion- for canines in your neighborhood.  The app is free and easy to use. Just make a profile for yourself or for your pet and Bark’N’Borrow will do the rest.


From breeds to size, age, temperament and training level, the app is designed to match dog walkers with canines that meet their preferences. Similar to Yelp the app also has a dog rating section, so you can read honest reviews from other dog walkers– such as whether or not they are friendly around other dogs.


Dog walkers can choose whether they’d like compensation or if they offer their services free of charge. But the app itself is free to download and use.


Is this an app you’d be interested in checking out?