Listen: “I Froze My Brain Up In Canada” Is The Perfect Parody Of Toto’s Africa

"Just A Tim Horton's Cup, A Guitar and Our Vocals"

The idea started as just a way to pass a sub-zero day in Oak Lake, Manitoba. Robert Thiessen and his brother in law Joe Koanaga recorded a parody of Toto’s 1982 classic “Africa”, singing about the Cold in Canada. They titled the tune “I Froze My Brain Up In Canada, and things quickly went viral.

The 36-year old told the Huffington Post he had the Africa song stuck in his head, and while looking out his front yard at the miserable cold, he was struck with the idea to write a parody.

He enlisted his brother in law to play drums (on a Tim Horton’s Cup, of course), his sister to film and his wife and daughter to cameo. They uploaded the video to Facebook, and almost 325,000 views later – the rest is history.

Watch the hilarious video below:

Courtesy of Robert Thiessen/Facebook