LISTEN: New Marianas Trench Song “I Knew You When”

Super powerful vocals once again from lead singer Josh Ramsay.

I’m love the new Marianas Trench song just released on Friday. They’re expected to release a new album in winter 2019 and to announce North American and European tour dates. Fingers crossed they’ll make a stop in Barrie!

“This is about long term, messy, real life love. Love with consequence. Not about drunken lust, or doing shots in a bar, or “living life for just tonight,” but the kind of real-life relationship that takes a decade to build, through ups and downs. If I’ve learned one thing in my life as a performer it’s this; if you’re going to sing a song every night for the rest of your career, you better mean it – and I do,” explains lead singer Josh Ramsay.

Listen and watch the lyric video below:

YouTube / Marianas Trench

What do you think of the track?

Main Image via Facebook / @MarianasTrench