LISTEN: New Walk Off The Earth Song “Fifth Avenue”

An ode to NYC

Walk Off The Earth is all inspired by New York City so they wrote a song about it, just released on Sept. 27.

Joel Cassady, the bassist said, “New York has been the source of many important milestones for us on our journey as a band, and it felt like the right time to create a song honoring this amazing city that for us and so many others has helped turn dreams into reality.”

I’m loving the lyrics too: “But the city is a jungle/And it’s keeping me humble,” and the catchy chorus, “It’s like the fourth of July when I’m living my life/Hanging with the Mets and the Yankees every night/Making my dreams come true/On Fifth Avenue.”

It’s super catchy and I liked it instantly! Listen here:

Main image via Facebook / Walk off The Earth