Loblaws Reverses Decision, Promises to Stock French’s Ketchup

Following Public Outcry, Loblaws Promises to Restock the Brand

In just 24 hours, Loblaws has reversed their decision to discontinue stocking French’s ketchup. Following public outcry across their social media sites, Loblaws Inc. VP of customer relations and communications responded, promising to carry the product again.

Loblaws chain of grocery stores includes Zehrs, No Frills and Superstore, among others.

This story began back in June 2014, when Heinz ended production in Leamington, ON, where they had been producing ketchup for over 100 years. Nearly 1,000 workers were affected by the closure. French’s ketchup is 100% grown and processed in Leamington, providing Canadian farmers with much-needed support.

While the product has previously been difficult to find, hopefully now it will start to appear on shelves again.


With the “Shop Local” trend gaining steam, what other Canadian products can we support?