Local Church and Food Bank Blitzing Barrie

Over 300 Volunteers Going Door-To-Door Saturday, Hoping for 75,000lbs of Food

Make sure you grab a few extra eats as you hit up the grocery store tonight, because some volunteers are gonna come a knockin’. Connexus Church has paired up with the Barrie Food Bank in an effort to collect 75,000lbs of food. It’s called the Pick Up Round Up, and the Barrie Food Bank’s Executive Director, Peter Sundborg, says the food bank would never have the manpower for a blitz like this alone.

Over 300 volunteers have been recruited to go door to door from 9 to noon tomorrow, looking for food donations from across Barrie. Ten schools across the city, one in each ward, will serve as a drop off point too, and you can find the school for your ward through the Pick Up Round Up website.