UPDATE: Local Scout Leader Needs Your Help Getting Home

Barrie Man Suffers Stroke While Leading Troop Through Halifax Trip


Thanks to everyone who’s pitched in to help scout leader Brennan Rocks get back to Barrie from Nova Scotia. He suffered a stroke while at a scout jamboree; OHIP not covering all of his expenses.
When we put out the call for help a Go Fund Me account was halfway to its goal of $20,000. Then came a call from The Hitch House with a $5000 donations, an anonymous listeners donated $2500 and Noxx and Dunn Rum came through with a top-up donation. The account has now exceeded its goal. Rocks girlfriend, Monique Desroches, told us in an email “Our hope was to ensure Brennan would have nothing else to focus on except his recovery and those hopes are becoming a reality. Brennan’s road to recovery will not be an easy one, but the light at the end of the tunnel has started to shine through. Thanks again for all your support!”


They say scouts should always be prepared, but nothing could prepare scout leader Brennan Rocks for this. The Barrie man was part of a group of 17 scouts and parents on a trip to Halifax when he suffered a stroke. His outlook is good, but OHIP isn’t covering the cost of his travel back to Barrie. That’s where you come in. Check out this GoFundMe page, raising money to bring Brennan home. They’re already over halfway to their $20,000 goal.

Banner Photo courtesy GoFundMe