Look at the Size of These Fish Found Swimming in a Field!

Talk about fish stories!

On Friday, June 23, there was so much rain that a lot of New Tecumseth farm land was underwater. Here is a shot of part of Beeton.

Photo: Warren Mitchell


One of the side effects: fish in the fields! Check out these photos from Tyler Dorsey:

Photo: Tyler Dorsey

Tyler says on Facebook that they caught 20 of them yesterday and that there are more out there!

Photo: Tyler Dorsey

Listen: Tyler talks about finding the fish, where he thinks they’re coming from, and what all this rain means for the crop this year. CLICK HERE

Stephanie Dawber emailed me to say the fish are “common carp. Myself and a few others bowfish for them. Bow or rod, they give a huge fight. They are invasive and ruin ecosystems. This is why we bowfish for them.” She uses the fish as fertilizer and animal feed.

Carp has a reputation of being a bad eating fish but, I’ve learned that is not necessarily a fair reputation.

“Throughout the world and down through history, the carp has been both the most widely eaten freshwater fish, and one of the most esteemed. Only in North America does it fail to be well-regarded, accused instead of being unhealthy, nasty tasting, and difficult to prepare.”

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