LOOK: Banned From Facebook For Portraying Real Women’s Body Types

Facebook Claims Pictures Violate Policies On Nudity

A Guelph, Ontario photographer has been banned from Facebook again for photos that are meant to portray real women’s body types.

Julia Busato’s work portrays the bodies of women “who don’t want to fit the mold”, and in her latest series of pictures she has nude models of all shapes and sizes posing behind store mannequins.

Some of those photos from the collection have been reported and removed from her Facebook album because of “violating nudity policies”, earning her a 30-day ban from the social media site.

People from around the world have been sharing the album, more than 200,000 times, and Julia’s Facebook page has gained more than 50,000 new followers.

But not everyone is supporting Julia’s idea. Unfortunately internet trolls have left many hateful comments on some pictures about the models, body shamming them– the complete opposite of what Julia was trying to accomplish with this photo series.

I got a chance to speak with Meghan Barber, (the model featured directly above), about how she felt being a part of this project, what the photographer Julia was trying to accomplish and about all the shocking backlash the images have been getting. Listen HERE to the interview.


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(Images Courtesy of Julia Busato Photography/Facebook)