LOOK: Boy’s ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Themed Birthday Party Went Viral

The Cake Is The BEST Part!

4 year old Evan Kowalski from Michigan, LOVES ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ so much, he asked his mom Laura if that could be the theme for his 4th birthday party on May 13th!

Of course she said yes, and like anyone throwing a party, Laura took to Pinterest and Etsy for ideas for the theme but quickly realized, there was nothing!! So she had to get creative herself.

She had her cousin draw portraits of Mrs. Doubtfire for decorations, and the kids even got a special personalized message from the 1993 film-star herself on their goodie bags!

Laura also had quotes from the movie around the party area… even on the food.

But! The best by far, was the cake, designed by ‘Cakes By Sweetypants’. Apparently when Laura brought it out, all the parents swarmed the table to take pictures and why not! It’s got everything to do with ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ on there! The soccer ball, the dentures, the pot lids, her guitar broom, and of course, her whipped cream face mask.

All and all, looks like it was the perfect birthday party for Mrs. Doubtfire’s biggest fan!!

(Images Courtesy of: Cakes by Sweetypants & Laura Kowalski)