LOOK: New Thrill Rides at Canada’s Wonderland

Muskoka Plunge & Soaring Timbers debut this year...

Thrill riding season a month away at Canada’s Wonderland. Opening Day is April 30th!

The first of 2 new attractions, (this one I already know I’m not brave enough to try) is called Soaring Timbers:



A ride experience that will send you spiraling through the sky on two massive rotating gondolas that swing riders through sweeping arcs while rotating 360 degrees.


The other new attraction is located inside of Splash Works, called Muskoka Plunge:

It’s a 60 ft. high waterslide tower featuring four drop speed slides. Riders will feel the rush when they step into an enclosed launch chamber and suddenly drop into a high-speed free fall through S-curves and 360° loops at speeds of 30 mph.

We’ll have to wait for summer to try this one, Splash Works opens on May 27th