Looking for a new Flavour of Sausage? Try this out!

Vodka Red Bull sausages

My meat memory has me recalling the taste of Spicy, fennel and even cheddar and onion flavours of sausages…

So many flavours, even vegan friendly, but what’s weirder is the introduction of booze-infused meats. I mean,wine, sure, I get it, who doesn’t love a red wine jus? But vodka Red Bull sausages?

Maguire Meats in Northern Ireland has just started selling the alcohol-infused sausages, thinking them perfect for BBQ season. They have become very popular and are also available in extra spicy… The Meat men are also working on Aperol Spritz sausages? Espresso Martini-infused meat? Sex on the Beach bangers?

here’s the meat of the story