Looking for Ivanka Trump clothing? Try Goodwill!

in six-months, her clothing line went from must-have to must-get-rid-of!

Six months ago, Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand was reporting record sales, but it appears as though many people have been purging their closets and tossing pieces into the donation bin.


Less than a week after it was revealed that the First Daughter’s first free-standing brick-and-mortar store will open inside of Trump Tower this fall, Fortune reports that some resale websites and Goodwill locations are seeing a surge of Ivanka Trump clothing and accessories following the election.


Although Goodwill doesn’t track the influx of specific brands, a Goodwill employee in San Francisco told the outlet that he has seen consumers bringing in more Ivanka Trump items — including many pieces that still had sales tags attached.   However, a spokesperson at Goodwill’s headquarters told Fortune that there isn’t any clear indication that this is a nationwide trend.

In recent months, people have been taking to Twitter to reveal they have seen Ivanka Trump-branded items at Goodwill or to say they are in the process of donating them.


Last October, women started turning on Ivanka ahead of the election as she continued to support her father despite allegations of sexual harassment against him and a 2005 Access Hollywood audio tape capturing him bragging in lewd terms that he can do whatever he wants to women.


Since then, a growing group of women have been boycotting her eponymous line of clothing, jewelry, perfume, and accessories sold as part of the Ivanka Trump Collection.