Lorde Tells Off School Bullies After Appearing On The Cover Of Vogue

Lorde Once Again Tells It Like It Is

Lorde will be appearing on the cover of Vogue for the third time. The artist recently shared that she landed the cover of Vogue Australia’s October 2017 issue, which is her second time landing a front cover appearance for the Australia mag, and her third time altogether on a Vogue cover.

Lorde has been a longtime anti-bullying advocate, often vocalizing her experiences with bullies in school. In usual Lorde fashion, the New Zealand artist used the news of her Vogue shoot to once again call out a few schoolyard haters.

Of course, Lorde looks absolutely stunning in the new shoot, sporting amber tones just in time for the pumpkin spice season. The October 2017 issue of Vogue Australia will be available on newsstands on September 25.