Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Moving Forward This Year With Notable Changes

The show will go on!

It’s a New York City tradition that local residences and people from around the world enjoy over the American Thanksgiving Day weekend, but due to the pandemic, this wonderful tradition celebrating over 90 years will see some notable changes!


New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio announced this week that the parade may get the same treatment as the city’s 4th of July fireworks show; the fireworks were held in five-minute increments over several days to prevent huge crowds from gathering.


“I think some of the parades are going to be virtual, maybe some small, in-person, spread-out pieces.” de Blasio said. “It’s not going to look at all, of course, like what we’re used to, but the important thing is that the traditions will be kept in some way.”

More details will be revealed in the fall.  No word on if the balloons will fly.