Made in Canada… Home-Grown Fashion Brands

What's More Stylish Than Clothes With a Cause?

With the recent support for Canadian-made French’s Ketchup, we’ve seen a surge in supporting locally made goods. And with documentaries like The True Cost which examines the global impact of the fashion industry, it seems like the tides are changing. Instead of buying cheap, unethically-made clothing that will fall apart after a few washes, why not support quality apparel that builds our economy and creates jobs locally?

Here’s a list of the best Canadian-made brands…



For the ladies

  • Ovate: Made in Montreal, PQ.
  • Fig: Made in Montreal, PQ. Described as “travel wear for women”.
  • Spanner: Made in Kitchener, ON.


  • NTHNG: Made in Toronto, ON. Their signature product is the “Perfect Tee”, an elongated tee shirt with raw seams and a loose fit.
  • Raised by Wolves: Headquartered in Montreal, PQ, garments made in various locations by different manufacturers, almost always in Canada (a few are made in USA). V
  • The Legends League: Made in Toronto, ON.

Leather Goods, Shoes, and Accessories

  • m0851: Made in Montreal, PQ. Known for their bags and leather-based accessories. They also have a range of apparel.



  • Westcomb: Designed and manufactured in Vancouver, BC.
  • Canada Goose: Founded in Toronto in 1957. Not sure where in Canada they’re made…
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op: Headquartered in Vancouver, BC. Legendary Canadian company that both makes its own items and sells things made by others.

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List source: Reddit