Madonna Bans Phones At Her Show!

Not so much the Material Girl anymore...

Madge is taking up a short residency in London for 15 nights at the city’s iconic Palladium venue in February next year.

And she could enforce a rule introduced on her ‘Madame X’ tour which got underway in the US this week.

When fans enter the venue, they must put their phone in a lockable Yondr case, which can only be opened in certain designated areas.

The devices stay in the possession of the owners throughout the evening.

In an email sent out to ticket buyers, they were told: “Use of cellphones, smart watches, smart accessories, cameras or recording devices will not be permitted in the performance space.”

Madonna isn’t the only one to enforce this rule….Other huge stars like Jack White and Alicia Keys have previously put their own phone bans in place for shows, while Beyonce and Adele have called out at people using them during performances.