Major Distribution Hurdles Could Await As Pfizer Vaccine Requires Extreme Cold To Ship

There are all sorts of logistical obstacles to rushing a coronavirus vaccine to market.

Keeping it cold and fresh between the factory and your arm is the immediate concern. Because this is a rush job, in part, the potential Pfizer vaccine requires unbelievably cold temperatures at around -70°C to remain active.


According to the experts, the freezers need to store this vaccine are specialized and also super expensive.  These freezers are very larger and are located in most large hospitals or academic research laboratories.

But this is doable…because those wildly cold temperatures aren’t necessary for the last week maybe two before inoculation. After reaching vaccination centers, the shots must be thawed from -70°C and injected within five days.


If not, they’re no longer usable.  This could be a logistical nightmare as the vaccine will need to be delivered and kept cold.