Man Brings His Pet Camel To PetSmart!

It’s National Pet Day….

A man took his pet into a Local Michigan PetSmart the other day… What made this a little unusual however; is that his pet was a camel!

Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo shared Facebook Live video of the camel, named Jeffrey, making his way through the aisles of the pet store with the owner Scott Lewis on Sunday.

So this begs the question, why would someone bring a camel to PetSmart?  The owner of the petting zoo said that Jeffery the Camel needed to be weighed…

Believe it or not, PetSmart does have a list of animals that are allowed into their store and Camels are NOT on the list!

Don’t worry they didn’t Camel-flauge Jeffery as the camel is somewhat of a celebrity in town and fans recognized him!  The camel is said to love people and was happy to great his fans before being weighed in at 1400 pounds.