Man Charged with Assault After Farting In Uber!

What a gas-hole!

Nobody wants a gas-enger in their car.


A UK man has been charged with assault after allegedly farting in an Uber and attacking the driving.


The Uber driver claims that James Mallett let one go in the back of the ride while on the way to a local nightclub with three other people.


According to the Uber driver, before the butt bomb went off, he had been taking some verbal abuse from the other passengers in the car.


But it was the fart that put the Uber driver over the edge. When the Uber driver stopped the car and asked them, and the gas man to get out, Mallett allegedly offered to fight the driver before striking him in the head…


Police were called and passengers admitted to assault and got six months in jail, a $650 fine, and 120 hours of community service.