Man Flying a Jet Pack Spotted by Pilots Nearly 1KM in the Air!

Two different pilots in two different planes reported seeing this!

Ummm… is Iron Man real?

An American Airlines crew and a JetBlue crew flying at around 3000ft / 914m near Los Angeles both spotted a man flying on a jet pack. He was pretty close to one of the planes. The American Airlines flight called air traffic control and reported “We just passed a guy on a jetpack. Off the left side maybe 300 — 30 yards or so. About our altitude.”

The FBI is investigating.

The image above is of someone demonstrating the Martin Jetpack. We don’t know what the jetpack-using man in question looked like or what kind of jetpack he was using.

Read more from CNN.


Image: MartinJetPack “First Public Flight of the Martin Jetpack”. / CC BY 2.0