Man Goes To Great Lengths To Bribe A Cell Phone Repairman To Not Fix His Phone

This might be the first time someone’s paid a repairman NOT to fix something.

There’s a guy named Mani Warda in Michigan.  He works as an iPhone repairman.  And he recently had a guy come in and drop off his broken phone for repairs.



But when he opened up the phone, he found a surprise in the battery compartment:  A note and a $100 bill.  And the note said, “Please tell my wife the phone is unfixable.  She wants to check the call history.  $100 is yours, thanks.”


Mani posted all about it on TikTok and now the whole story is going viral.   And according to his TikTok, he decided he didn’t want to get in the middle of it, so when the wife came by to pick up the phone, he gave it to her and showed her the note and the bribe.



Then the husband came back and started throwing things, so Mani had to get the cops involved.  There’s no word on what’s happened from there.