Man suing James Cameron for Royalties from Titanic!

Putting the "Tit" in Titanic!

James Cameron stole the life story of a Florida man who worked in the yacht industry and used it for the lead character of “Titanic” … according to his lawsuit.


Stephen Cummings claims he’s the inspiration for Jack Dawson — played by Leo DiCaprio. According to the docs, Cameron learned about Cummings through word of mouth about events that took place in Brevard County in 1988 and ’89.


The ex-“yacht master” also says the depiction of the Titanic sinking was NOT based on history, but instead on stories he told friends about 2 of his relatives who were aboard the real doomed ship.


You probably guessed — the wife survived, the husband did not.

In any event, Cummings wants $300 million … plus 1 percent of royalties.