Man Tries To Propose … And She Doesn’t Even Notice!

Every proposal is QUITE different! This one is NO exception!

You’ve gotta love a cute story, involving engagements.

Edi Okro wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Cally Read but couldn’t find the right opportunity.

He figured, give it a different approach!

He took selfies of the pair, while HOLDING THE RING IN PLAIN SIGHT!

She never even noticed.

Edi Okoro, left, holds up an engagement ring while his girlfriend Cally Read sleeps next to him.

One attempt here! Credit: Edi Okoro/Facebook

Cally Read sleeps with an engagement ring in her hand.

Another try! Credit: Edi Okoro/Facebook

He did this almost 25 times in both photo and VIDEO before she had even noticed.

I mean, it’s a really smart idea!

Edi Okoro and his now-fiancee, Cally Read, are shown in this image posted Aug. 31, 2019.

In the end, it all worked out! Credit: Edi Okoro/Facebook

Eventually he got to popping the question on August 31st!

And he didn’t get caught.

So cute!