Man’s Spaghetti Hack Goes Viral!

Is it genius or ridiculous?

The video of a man’s unique method of eating spaghetti has left the internet divided.  Is it genius or ridiculous?

How do you eat spaghetti.  Do you use a fork then spin it on the spoon for a perfect bite? Or do you just use a fork and shovel it in yours mouth and bite off the extra strings?

Or are you this guy?

The man uses a fork and a pair of scissors to scoff spaghetti, lifting the pasta up with the fork and chopping the overhang off, before putting what’s left in his mouth.


A video clip of the unknown man in action was shared on the Twitter account @cucumbertonic and has since garnered over seven million views.

The video appears to show perhaps the easiest way ever to eat spaghetti but it has left the internet divided!  Some are calling the man a “genius” and others proclaiming that chopping up spaghetti like that “should be illegal”.