Many Adults Are Worried That They Won’t Ever Want To Do This Again!

self isolation isn't sexy!

With the pandemic still raging around the world, it makes sense that many people are not feeling very randy right now…


Between all the stress of trying to stay safe and keep others from getting sick, plus all the rules in place, it’s no wonder that people don’t want to get it on right now, even if you live with someone.


New research has revealed that although a dip in libido is normal, many people are concerned they won’t get the urge back.


The survey was conducted by Blueheart, which is a digital sex therapy app that found that over half of people worry they will never be interested in sex again.

41% of people have lost their groove so much in fact, that they are trying to make themselves less attractive to their partner by layering up and putting on bulky clothes.


Others are avoiding the bedroom by distracting themselves with TV and video games (29%).


The pandemic has caused weight gain in many, as 27% feel ashamed of their body, while 52% suffer from anxiety, fear, and nervousness when their partner tries to initiative sex. 


Nearly a third (27%) feel bored or numb to the activity.