Marineland Faces Criticism (again) Over Emaciated Walrus

Warning: Images May Disturb Some Readers

Everyone knows what a healthy walrus, such as the one pictured above, looks like. So you can imagine their surprise to see “Zeus.” At just 14 years old (which is young considering they can live till 40) he is emancipated with skin practically falling off his bones.

Marineland continues to maintain that all their animals are healthy and receive regular checkups.

But former employee Philip Demers, who worked there for 12 years, says the animal is not healthy by any standards. While they normally reach a hefty 3,000 pounds, Philip Demers says”I’d be shocked if he weighed 1,000,” he says.

A petition by Philip Demers to save Marineland’s animals already has ovre 135,000 signatures! Sign it here.

Image via Polar Cruises