Mark Wahlberg Explains How He Lost 10 Pounds In 5 Days!

Do tell!

He is famously fit and sat down with Ellen to explain how he dropped 10 pounds quickly for his latest movie.


“I was kind of from the old school, bodybuilding philosophy that you had to eat all this ridiculous amounts of protein,” he said. “I was eating every three hours, but the last movie that I did, I started having some issues because of eating so much.

“I was eating so much protein, I was storing it and using it other than building lean muscle, so I was getting a leaky gut, so I just literally did a bone broth fast.”


Mark went on a Bone Broth diet and lost 10 pounds in 5 days.  Bone broth is made primarily by boiling animal bones.  Its best homemade as some store bought contain preservatives…

It’s popular because it’s high in protein, and its minerals are thought to help with digestive issues.


Mark pointed out, that this diet isn’t for everyone.  He said the first day he was on it, he was miserable- but by day two he had more energy.


Make sure you consult a doctor before doing any extreme diet. 


Mark’s interview with Ellen is here!