Mars & Snickers Will Be Giving Us Healthier Options In The New Year!

Can't wait!

Starting January 2019, our favourite chocolate treats will be a little healthier.  Less Sugar and more protein says Mars Wrigley!

Both bars will contain 10g of protein and up to 40% less sugar, this in an effort to tackle high obesity rates.

The sugar in Mars “More Protein” will be 17.5 g per/bar that’s 40% less that it has now and Snickers “More Protein” will contain 14.1 per/bar which is 30% less than currently!

The company isn’t just stopping here… They say that they will launch new snacks which will have less than 100 calories…  Twix, milky Way, Crispy Rolls and Ripples will all be put on a diet soon…

Eat Mars Protein  and look like this…