Massachusetts Town Offers Self-Defence Tips For Run-Ins With Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkeys can be foul!

In a town called Wenham, population 5,300, officials have received many calls with regards to aggressive Turkeys.  There is a total turkey population of about 35,000!  So humans are out-numbered.

This has prompted the town to issue some tips on how to deal with the birds.


Rule #1- Don’t be intimidated by an aggressive bird

Rule # 2- Use a hose or a leased dog or loud noises if the bird approaches

Rule #3- Don’t feed turkeys, as they could become tame and lose the ability to find their own food!

Rule #4 Clean out your bird feeder because toms love to nosh on seeds that fall to the ground.

Rule #5 Keep an eye on your garden because gobblers love their veggies.

Rule # 6 And, finally, cover your windows and any shiny yard do-dads because turkeys are vain and like to admire their reflections.