May 8th, World Ovarian Cancer Day!

Let's get ready to Walk, September 10th 2017!

May 8th! Charlie was very proud once again to be a part of World Ovarian Cancer Day!  Kool FM was on hand at City Halls along with Suzanne, Vicki and Laura from the Walk for Hope Committee as Mayor Jeff Lehman made the declaration for World Ovarian Cancer Day and raised the Flag!  Naomi spoke on behalf of MP Alex Nuttall who is also a very big supporter of this cause!

Ovarian cancer is diagnosed annually in nearly a quarter of a million women globally, and is responsible for 140,000 deaths each year. Statistics show that just 45% of women with ovarian cancer are likely to survive for five years compared to up to 89% of women with breast cancer.

We love and cherish the women in our lives: our mothers, our daughters, our sisters, our friends. Every woman in the world is at risk of developing ovarian cancer, the most serious gynecologic cancer.


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On September 1oth, 2017 The Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of hope will take place!  It is the only walk in Canada to direct all attention and fundraising towards overcoming ovarian cancer!

Info on the Walk