McDonald’s Invented A New Utensil

It's Real, And It Is Spectacular

Apparently we’ve been missing a key utensil all of these years. Thank you, McDonald’s for your unnecessary invention of the “frork.” It’s exactly how it sounds: a fork made of french fries.

Why do we need this? It’s part of a McDonald’s campaign to “get the word out that sandwiches in its new Signature Crafted Recipes line-up are so packed with toppings that you’ll need a special utensil to deal with it.”

In case you were wondering if this is actually a thing, oh it totally is because you can purchase one through this website and at participating restaurants on May 5 with your Signature Crafted Recipes sandwich.

There’s even a frork infomercial:

YouTube / McDonald’s

People’s Twitter reactions have been hilarious:

Main Image via Eater