McDonald’s Is Getting Rid of McFlurry Spoons

McDonald’s is getting rid of one its most recognizable utensils

The McFlurry spoon, which sparked confusion among its fans for being hollow, is being phased out as the fast food chain says it seeks more sustainable alternatives. The clear plastic spoon doubled as a spindle, with the utensil being inserted into the McFlurry machine to mix the toppings into the ice cream.

McDonald’s said that its US locations are changing how they mix McFlurry treats, with the machines now using a “reusable spindle that’s swapped out and cleaned after each McFlurry is made.” The shakes will now be served with a “smaller black spoon that uses less plastic,” which is currently handed out with its sundaes.

The company explained that the “small change will help reduce single-use plastic waste” without altering how the McFlurry tastes.

McDonald’s set a goal in 2018 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its offices and restaurants by 36% between 2015 and 2030. In 2021, the chain switched out some of its plastic Happy Meal toys for 3-D paper-based toys that customers can put together themselves.